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  About Us  
  Treasure Tower International is an ten year old media & advertising house, set up to cater to the ever-increasing demands of creative voicing in today's entertainment market. Professionals who understand the growing need of 'Quality Dubbing and Voicing' set it up.  
  Our Strength  
  Work heads associated with Treasure tower International are highly experienced personnel in their area of expertise.  
  Technical Knowledge  
  Our resources are qualified in their various trades and professions and have many years' of experience in their relevant field of activities.  
  State of the Art Studios  
  We work in studios with state of the art Technology, equipped especially for dubbing purposes. Presently they are equipped with internationally Renowned Sound Craft Mixers, Tascam DA 88/98 – Multitrack Digital Audio Recorder, Digital Audio Workstations like Protool's, Nuendo.  
  Our translators do not merely translate the dialogues, but transcreate / adapt it to the language and culture it is targeted to. The translators are language graduates and have good command on their native as well as the English language.  
  Our directors are trained to get the right expressions while maintaining the character voice and sync. More importantly they are also trained to meet the deadlines without compromising on quality. Time bound deliveries are our second motto.  
  Our networking with senior, experienced artiste and fresh talent gives us a good range to cast the right voice for the right characters.  
Name Designation
Rajeev Raj Founder
Seema Raj Co - Founder and Creative Head
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